Studying Your Spouse

It’s #togethertuesday!

Marriage is a deliberate work. The husband must learn to focus on his wife’s emotional need for love, and the wife must understand the physical , visual, and support aspect of her husband’s needs.

Within marriage we can never get tired of studying our spouse, because when you study something you are taking time and attention to acquire knowledge on a subject. Within marriage when someone takes the time to study you, and make a deliberate decision to tend to a need it makes your heart flutter. I understand that every season does not warrant trips to Aruba, or Italy, however small things like packing their favorite snack, running a hot bath, or doing a chore that you do not normally do, is a way to intentionally say that ” I SEE YOU”, without saying the words out loud.

Studying your spouse also includes knowing when they are getting tired and allowing them time to rest, or even noticing when they are getting unfocused and noticing that potentially something could harm them if they are not careful. Studying your spouse takes on some many different looks, but don’t get tired of studying because it’s in your careful and purposeful study, that you avoid allowing cracks in your marriage to go unnoticed.

( Content Written by Tamara Williams)

Lord Jesus, It’s easy to fall into the trap of selfishness when it comes to marriage. As a couple, please help us to focus on each other. May our desire to please each other increase, and may that strengthen our relationship.  _ Prayer By Gary Chapman


Keep Loving! Tamara

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