Listening with Empathy

I have been studying The Love Language Devotional and I have been digging into the thoughts about always attempting to enhance my relationship.

So Let’s get real for a second!

We all struggle from time to time to listen to our spouse with empathetic ears. We think the other person should get over it, or what they might be going through is not as difficult as they may be expressing.  There are times even in my marriage where I have had no empathy toward my husband as a manager at his job, cause all I want him to care about are the things that are going on in our house or with me. Then I watch him and realize that I should be empathetic toward his stresses at his job, and empathize with things going on in his personal world.

Gary Chapman states- nothing is more fundamental to a relationship than talking and listening. Open communication is the lifeblood that keeps a marriage in the spring and summer seasons. Conversely, failure to communicate is what brings on fall and winter- times of discouragement and negativity.

Listening does require a significant change of attitude, and sometimes we don’t feel like changing our attitude, but you have to discern the times when your spouse needs you to lay aside your thoughts and be concerned with theirs. 

A powerful statement Gary Champman states when reading his thoughts was this profound statement: shifting from egocentric listening ( viewing the conversation through out own eyes) to empathetic listening ( viewing the conversation through our partner’s eyes.)

It’s a deep love when we try to discover our our spouse thinks about a situation.

Lord Jesus help us to be empathetic listeners and help us to listen to understand and learn each other in deeper ways.


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One thought on “Listening with Empathy

  1. I can relate completely to this post. Sometimes we cant communicate beyond what we feel. It’s super important to not only approach communication from your perspective but also come with an open ear and heart to receive your significant others concerns. Thank you so much for this it truly blessed me!!

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