Is my spouse supposed to complete me?

This topic has been up for discussion in many relationship circles and my stance supports the idea that your spouse should not ultimately complete you, but rather complement you. Now hear me out, I don’t know what I would do if my husband was not with me, however I believe we were sent to each other to complement and walk with each other in life. This is a huge expectation among newlyweds that your spouse should complete your every desire, and so I hope this little nugget helps to illuminate the concept in a balanced way.

The complete versus complement discussion has been around for ages, and can be a source of  unrealistic expectations that we place on our spouses.  At times our minds somehow believe that a person is suppose to fulfill our every need, and as human beings we will never be able to do that. That expectation can leave us expecting and wanting our husbands or wives to fulfill every internal longing in our lives. A  spouse  does complement our lives in many ways and adds to your life in many areas.  I hope for those desiring a relationship, that you choose the person that fits where you are going because that is very important.
When something complements you, it adds something to you. When something complements something else, it means they go well together thus creating a common ground moving forward in creating your lasting love.  I believe a relationship where both people complement the beauty inside each other is a dynamic duo! I will also add that in the beginning of a relationship it takes time for a person to learn you, so please be gracious toward your spouse as they learn to learn you, and how to complement you in the best way.
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Longevity together creates the look of finishing each other’s sentences, long gazes into each other’s eyes, knowing what the other is thinking before they think it, which is also paired with moments of wishing they would pick up their clothes.You will know your spouse deeper than anyone you may ever know, however if that person is your source of ultimate fulfillment it may leave you with unrealistic expectations, and with the internal pursuit of making a flawed human being responsible to satisfy your every longing. 
God is your creator!
God made your inner workings!
God created your DNA!
Therefore look to him for those really deep places, and at those times your spouse struggles to understand. He will give you insight into what’s needed to settle and bring wholeness to you. 
I learned to allow my husband more time to learn me. The expectation for him to complete me fell off of my heart and now we walk together differently than before. Adding to one another daily!
Keep growing stronger together 
Newlywed Nook Note
Love Tamara 

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