Layers of Love


I was scrolling through reading an article the other day and I saw the phrase “Layers of Love”.  When I read that phrase over and over it made me think of the rings on a the inside of a tree.  A tree ring is simply a layer of wood produced during one tree’s growing season.  So each ring on a tree reflects a year of Growth!  Newlyweds this is a great analogy of what the journey in marriage is like, because saying “I do” begins the first layer to your marriage tree!
I remember asking my husband in year three of marriage “How long is it going to take for us to get it?”  Of course I was looking for easy street, because I am the kind of chick that likes to learn lessons fast and move on to the next thing.  My husband on the other hand is more of a good things take time person, so we would often have conversations regarding the idea of “can’t we be over this by now?”  I know it’s cliché to say we live in the generation of “DO IT NOW”, but the sad reality is that we do. We want marriages that look like thirty year and forty year layered trees, without going through the seasons that created this fruitful and wonderful looking tree.  We also tend to perceive the layer of marriage we are currently in, and believe that somehow our marriage will always be in that state, especially  if it’s not where you want to be.


To find out how old a tree is you can count the rings on the trunk.  The rings are created by going through the seasons.  Each season brings a different temperature and color to the ring, the dark wood that grew at the end of the previous year connects to the lighter colored part of a tree ring. The lighter color represents quick growth and the darker colored part represents the slow growth. The ring could be a narrow ring meaning there was drought, or there could be a wide ring which means it had abundant rain. Each year a tree forms new cells and the annual rings show the amount of wood produced during one season. I thought wow, that’s why when I look at my parents forty year marriage it looks unbreakable!  The seasons that they have weathered together, narrow, wide, light, or dark, created a flourishing, beautiful tree that is now not easily cut down.  Though you’re in your beginning layers, know that everything you’re learning, good and not so good, is creating a solid tree trunk. Don’t be afraid of what each layer will bring, just make sure your tree trunk has its roots dug into JESUS because he gives each marriage tree LIFE, strength, and food through each new layer!

Love, Tamara
Keep Growing
The Newlywed Nook


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