Commitment vs. Feelings

Both men and women struggle with these two powerful words! It’s an issue we are all faced with from time to time; deciding to react to your feelings or follow your commitment. Commitment means: the state or quality of being dedicated and loyal to someone or something, or the attitude to support something. To have a feeling means: to have an emotional state or reaction to physical senses.

Of course when you get married and fall in love you have tons of emotions and feelings about your spouse. Those feelings vary from “I can’t live without you” to “you’re kind of getting on my nerves today”. Once you get married it goes beyond just a feeling, to a deeper place of devotion called commitment. While the word commitment seems like a very unemotional word, it can seem very direct and to the point, it does hold a weighty connotation. Feelings are like roller coasters, going up and down, depending on the season and situation at times. Commitment means you have taken a stand for something or someone, and that you won’t be moved by the winds of life.

It was funny, my husband and I got into an interesting argument one day: and his response to me was: “Tamara the bottom line is, I am commitment to you.” My thought was you are committed to me, but you are not feeling the emotion of being super in love with me right now? Listen, all my girly emotions were affected because I wanted more emotion!! Run after me, say I’ll never let you go, but his response was, “I am committed to you babe no matter what.” So I began to ponder and look at some of the things that were going on in the world, and I began to hold his words to a higher value. COMMITMENT, what a powerful declaration.

In the back of my book, NEWLYWED CONFIDENTIAL to be released in August 2016, my husband wrote a letter to the new husbands, and said “marriage is saying I love you, till death do us part, and not until dissatisfaction do us part”. From that moment I realized how powerful his words were, because every season doesn’t give you that euphoric feeling. That’s not to say you won’t have those feelings in marriage, because as a result of my commitment it has enhanced our feelings and increased our bond.

So on this #TogetherTuesday I challenge you to see the importance of the word commitment and know how significant that decision is in terms of marriage and love. The word commitment may not have all the mushy feelings attached to it, but in the eyes of God and covenant, it is dunamis power! So I challenge you to tap into, not just your feelings of love, but continue to stand on your commitment of love, and make a decision and declare that your love will continue to be great!

hope you enjoyed the Nook Note

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