Why Newlywed Confidential?

When I set out to write this book I wanted to write something for those who were walking through their newlywed years, to encourage couples as they were walking through those years. I also wanted to share some conversations about some of the things you go through when you are transitioning from Ms. to Mrs, and insert some great information from my husband’s point of view. I  believe singles and engaged couples would enjoy this book as well, to evoke great conversations about moving toward marriage and transitioning from your single mindset to a marriage mindset.

I’ve been there.  I’ve been you and I’ve walked through the newlywed years.

The Newlywed Confidential Files gives you an inside look into the first years of marriage, which is best known as the getting to you phase as husband and wife. It’s the phase where you grow, learn, and transition into the married life. I thought because I prepared, went to counseling, and had God at the center of everything, then my marriage would be carefree and without any issues. This book was created to help two separate individuals understand the process of becoming one and explain the change and transitions that take place when entering holy matrimony.  I will share some of my newlywed secrets I wish I grabbed a hold of in my first years of marriage while giving you transitional advice from my first-hand experiences.

I can’t wait to share all that God has placed in my heart!

More book Promo’s soon and Book Release information. Coming August 2016cover


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