The Sacredness of Marriage

The sacredness of marriage
I would not consider myself to be an extreme traditionalist, but there were some things that I considered to be kind of sacred, or at least extremely important, when I was growing up. Sacred, by definition, means dedicated or set apart, highly valued and important. I simply held some things to a higher regard.
I was reading the last days scripture, 2 Timothy 3:3, and it stated that many will consider nothing sacred, and I got sort of sad.

This blog isn’t a plea to make others feel bad for the things I might hold dear to my heart, but to illuminate areas where we can find value in very sacred things again.

Anyone remember going to weddings, and hearing the phrase: “Holy matrimony is commanded to be honorable among all and therefore. Not by any to be entered into lightly or unadvised. But to be entered into reverently, discreetly, and the fear of the Lord!”?
When I looked up the old wedding ceremonies verbiage, I thought whoa! I specifically remember the phrase don’t enter into this unadvisedly. My eyes use to get real big when the minister would say that phrase, “ don’t enter into this unadvisedly.” Now that I am married I understand that to mean to bring a reverence to the moment that is happening.

Marriage is a sacred covenant, not just a social contract. – Tony Evans
But let’s be real, It kind of feels like marriage vows are internalized like “hey I love you right now and I hope to love you later on type of thing.” The concept of marriage comes from the idea that we are the bride of Christ — the imagery is the presentation to Himself (Christ) the radiant Church in the same way a husband is presented a wife.
The idea of marriage is such a HOLY THING and HOLY MOMENT, in a way much bigger than the romantic feelings that we feel having a spouse. The words that were exchanged on your wedding day promising to love, cherish, and honor each other, were not just part of the ceremony, but words that formed a binding covenant forever ever. When we commit to having Jesus as our Lord we are saying “God, this is forever, ever, I will love you forever!”
Maybe you don’t see that as powerful as I do.
The New Covenant (or New Testament) is the promise that God makes with humanity that He will forgive sin and restore fellowship with those whose hearts are turned toward Him. This new covenant means we can go directly to God, because he desires to establish a close, personal relationship with his greatest creation.
That alone is amazing!
If you are married, devoted love should be your goal, and if you are unmarried know that your decision is highly honorable, holy, and definitely a sacred thing.

Till next together Tuesday
Keep fighting for love



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