Prayer for Differences In Marriage

Dear God, My spouse and I have some things in common, but we also have a number of differences. These come in variety of places, and you know them all. Sometimes they are okay for us to handle, but other times it gets frustrating. When I do get frustrated, I wonder whether experiencing unity is even possible when we are so obviously different. But you didn’t say we had to be the same to grow in oneness. Rather our unity should reflect what Paul wrote in Romans, that the members of Your body do not have the same function, but they are still one body and members of each other.

You are not calling me to be like my spouse, but rather to be like- minded with my spouse, under You.

Where our spiritual perspectives and life views differ, please unite us under Your truth. As we align our thoughts, beliefs, and values under You, we will naturally be more united with each other. Also, Father help us enjoy and make room for each other’s differences and the unique personalities You have given us. Provide the insight we need to understand that unity does not mean we have to like the same music, events, or TV shows. Rather, unity means our minds thoughts, joint purposes, and morals are aligned under Your Word. When we live in Faith, trusting in Your Word, we will be united . In Christ’s name, amen

( from the book Prayer for Victory in Your Marriage Tony Evans)

Nook Note:

Don’t let differences Divide! Continue to allow God to change your perspective on your spouse’s differences and see them with different eyes.

Keep fighting for your marriage



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