Strong Singles Wanted


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I think it’s very important for those singles who desire to get married to become very strong and solid individually. I’m so happy that God’s will has allowed me to grow and gain all that I needed in my single season before crossing over into becoming a married woman. I believe if God sent my husband a day sooner, I am not sure I would have been prepared or mentally ready to be the wife that I needed to be; or be able to stand strong in the face of the joys and challenges that marriage brings. I’m going to discuss three reasons why I believe that strong singles are needed before marriage.

  1. Purity If you have difficulty maintaining your purity as a single, why do you think that it’ll be easier once you’re married? The same temptations that are available to singles are available to married people, and learning self-control in your single season is imperative to be strong and pure as a spouse. Don’t be misled into thinking that temptations disappear because you’ve now said a vow. You have to stand strong in your commitment and your love because the enemy is always prowling around trying to divide what God has brought together.
  2. Prayer life: When your prayer life is strong as a single person, translating that into praying for your spouse will be an easier adjustment. There is power in your prayer for your spouse and God has picked you to walk alongside another person so that they become all that God desires for them to be. So singles, all of that praying you feel like you’re doing before you get your spouse will come in handy once they’re there because you will have to pray for them from the top of their head to the tips of their toes, when it’s convenient and when it’s not convenient. But as you continue to pray, now you’ll be more than ready for the new assignment, commission, and love.
  3. Love walk: In life we’re challenged a lot to love people beyond our capabilities. As you continue to live life you will come across people that may not be very lovable. These are opportunities to be challenged to love, which is what marriage is comprised of. So every time you are challenged to love an unlovable person, know that when God sends your mate, though they’ll be perfect for you, they will have imperfections, so learn to love imperfect people now.

I whole heartedly believe strong singles are needed for this marriage journey. I’m praying with you on God’s preparation, on men finding their good things & obtaining favor with the Lord, and that ladies will pursue purpose and passion while remaining God’s handmaidens. Believe and trust in the work God is doing now in your life.  THE WORLD NEEDS YOU SINGLES JUST AS YOU ARE NOW, ON THE WAY TO WHERE YOU ARE GOING.





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