The Biggest Lesson After 10 years of marriage.

I went on a 10 year anniversary trip and as I was reading a great book on the beach called ” Prayers for Victory in Your marriage“,  I realized the biggest lesson I learned after 10 years of marriage. This lesson was definitely not the only lesson I have learned, but probably the biggest lesson up to this point in the journey. I shared this on a recent prayer call I was on and I kept thinking about phrase I said, “LOVING BY FAITH”.

So what do I mean with the phrase loving by faith? It means loving when you don’t see immediate results to the prayers you are praying for your mate or your marriage, loving even when things feel one-sided, and loving because you understand the principals’ of love. There are many things  I prayed for in my marriage in year two, that I honestly I didn’t see manifest until year 10. Realizing that some seeds of prayer take longer to grow than you would like, but that doesn’t mean to stop praying or believing for your marriage to thrive.  Loving by Faith means loving without seeing the fruit or results of that love right away! We all want to pray on Monday heartfelt prayers and see the results of that prayer on Tuesday right?

I remember one of my dear friends called me when I was walking through a difficult marriage space and said ” can you love as unto to the Lord? ” I thought ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The challenge was to love my hubby as you love God without looking for anything in return, and God will do a work in your heart and his. I cried on the side of bed, because of course I wanted the issue to be fixed NOW! So I said Lord, I will love by faith, because if I love my spouse in full faith, I know that you will bring about good because you promise to honor those who honor you in obedience to You. Tony Evans states in his book Prayers for Victory in Your Marriage “It’s easy to love, during times of mutual affirmation, and affection, but every marriage has season where they must love by FAITH!”

I can honestly say that now I have stood learning to love in good, bad, frustration, and romantic times. I have learned to LOVE BY FAITH!

My prayer for those learning to love by faith,

Lord help us to pass the true test of committed love, to give in those times when we see no immediate reciprocation. Love is powerful and I pray that romantic love between you and your spouse will be so deep, and so great, and so strong that nothing will break between. Lord, Rekindle every dry place in marriages and make their love stronger than ever. Fill hearts with the truth of your word and your presence daily that makes them truly one. In Jesus name AMEN!



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